Why Airtel Xstream Is Not Working?

What are the monthly charges for Airtel xstream?

Users have to pay Rs 679 per month instead of Rs 799.

Users subscribing to entertainment, VIP, and Premium plans get the benefit of Amazon Prime and Zee5 subscriptions along with access to Airtel Xstream..

Is Airtel network down today?

Update: “Due to a technical issue, data services for our postpaid customers were affected in parts of NCR between 3.35 am and 9.07 am today. The services have been fully restored and are now running normally. … From the tweets it also appears that the Airtel customer support did not respond for quite some time.

How do I activate Airtel xstream app?

For installing the app, you need to open the Play Store on your Android TV, search for the Airtel Xstream app and click on the install button. Once you have installed the app, you can open it. You will be prompted to enter your postpaid or prepaid mobile number associated with the Airtel Xstream account.

Is Airtel xstream worth?

Similar to Jio’ Set Top Box, the Airtel Xstream Box also offers a combination of content from modern-day OTT platforms as well as the good old cable TV service. In fact, on paper, the Airtel Xstream Box appears to be just as good, if now better, than Jio’s Set Top Box when basic smart services are concerned.

Is Airtel Xtreme free for Airtel users?

2698 Packs are open & available to all Airtel prepaid customers. However, Rs.

Do we need to recharge Airtel xstream?

The Xstream Box can be purchased as an upgrade to the existing SD or HD set-top box or as a secondary connection. Airtel Digital TV users need to pay Rs.

Is Netflix free with Airtel xstream?

Airtel has stopped offering Netflix free as part of its Xstream broadband services. Airtel is no longer offering free Netflix subscription as part of its Xstream Fiber broadband plans and a similar offer for its postpaid mobile users has also ended.

Does Airtel xstream need wifi?

The device supports streaming in 4K. –For connectivity, the Xstream Box will feature Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. The box will need Wi-Fi to connect to Internet services. Since it’s using Android TV OS, it also comes with support for Chromecast, which will aid connectivity with Android phones.

Why my set top box is not working?

CAUSE: The first and most common cause for set top box not working is improper cable connections. SOLUTION: Make sure all the cables are connected in the right ports and none of the connections are broken or obstructed.

What to do when Airtel TV stops working?

The remote works with the TV & not with my STB. 1. You need to reset your remote control….Press the AV button on your remote.Check the AV connection in the STB.Check the TV’s AV connection.Check all your connection and consult or call us.

How does Airtel xstream works?

Airtel Xstream Box is a 4K, android-TV based set-top box with Airtel TV integrated from Airtel that gives access to 10000+ Movies, Shows, etc. & transform your TV with a host of exciting and useful features. … You can choose from plethora of Apps and Games available on Google Play store and Airtel Store.

Is Airtel Live TV free?

For watching free live TV, Airtel prepaid and postpaid customers will have to download the Airtel TV app and register using Airtel’s mobile Internet to activate the free subscription. … As an offer, Airtel TV app on Android and iOS will offer a free subscription to ErosNow and Hooq content until June 2018.

Why my Airtel Xstream is not working?

Check your device, you may need to insert your Airtel SIM in the device. If you have the Airtel SIM inserted and you’re registered on Airtel TV with the same number but still unable to access then it might be an issue. Please reach out to us at support@airtel.tv. I’m getting ‘Turn on Airtel Mobile data’ message.

Does Airtel xstream support normal TV?

The Airtel Xstream stick is essentially an Airtel branded Chromecast-like product with the additional benefit of a bundle of streaming services thrown in for free, at least initially. It does turn a normal TV into an Android smart TV, and that in itself is a good enough reason to buy.