What Should I Do If I Lost My ID In Pakistan?

How can I get a Pakistani ID card?

General Guidelines to Apply OnlineRegister an account.Choose relevant category and start your application.Fill in application form online.Pay fee through Debit/ Credit card (Payment Guidelines)Scan and upload photograph (Photograph Guidelines)Scan and upload fingerprint form (Fingerprint Guidelines)More items…•.

How can I know my CNIC number of family members?

NADRA Announces Online Family Verification Service TodaySimply send your CNIC number to 8008 and you will get the detail of all registered family members.If detail you get is not correct, type 1 and send it to 8008.if detail is correct about your registered family members then type 2 and send it to 8008.

How can I get my CNIC number by father and name?

Verify your Family Tree If you want to check the family tree your CNIC has been registered with or your place in it, simply send a text message to 8008 along with the CNIC number(with/without dashes). You’ll soon receive a reply with all the registered names of the family.

How can I get a copy of my CNIC online?

Click here.Click on green Get Started button.Register your account.Create an application in the Reprint category.Provide application details.Provide your address for delivery of card.Scan and upload your photograph.More items…•

How can I renew my Nadra ID card?

Log in to NADRA online Portal.Click on Apply online for CNIC.Provide all the required details in the application form.Write the address where you want your ID card to be delivered.Pay CNIC renewal fee via credit or debit card.Upload the scanned documents, fingerprint form and photograph.More items…•

Is Fir necessary for lost CNIC?

Do you need to register a FIR (First Information Report) when you lose your Pakistan CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card)? … Update: FIR is no longer a requirement!

How do I apply for a lost ID card?

Dear Sir, This letter is to inform the department that I have lost my University id card in the seminar I attended (Date). When I became aware about such fact I visited the auditorium after the seminar but could not find it. This letter is to request a temporary card or such document which would indicate my identity.

How can I track my CNIC?

People can track their CNIC by following method: Type your CNIC number in SMS and send it to 7000.

How can I get my lost Pakistani ID?

Tracking your application Click the “NICOP / POC Tracking” link on this website and use 10 digit Application Tracking ID printed on top right corner of your receipt received from NADRA office. You can also call NADRA Call* Centre Islamabad directly at +92 51 111 786 100 to check the status of your application.

How can I check my ID card in Pakistan?

To check your CNIC number with mobile number, send a blank message to 667.

What to do if CNIC lost?

Apply for an ID Reprint if your card was lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed. Apply for an ID Renewal if your card has expired. Apply for an ID Modification if you want to amend your national identity data. Apply for an ID Conversion to a chip-based Smart-ID card through a Renewal or Modification application.

How can I know my mother name from CNIC?

Re-Verify Your NADRA CNIC and Family Tree through SMSSend your CNIC number (with or without dashes) to 8008.In return you will get the names of all registered persons in your family.If you’re satisfied with the list, reply the message with 2, but if there is any person registered as your family member you don’t know ─ notify the authority by replying with 1.