Quick Answer: What Is The Meaning Of The Word Oral?

What is an oral sentence?

You will have an oral test at the end of the session to assess your speaking ability.

The information was given orally, but nothing has been written down.

This medicine should be taken orally three times a day.

Regular brushing is essential to good oral..

What is the opposite of oral?

oral, unwritten(adj) using speech rather than writing. “an oral tradition”; “an oral agreement” Antonyms: anal, anal retentive, written, aboral.

What are the types of oral text?

There are two kinds of oral text-types, individual presentation and group interaction.Individual Presentation.Group Interaction.For effective communication, both text-types also require the following skills:Back To Top.

What are examples of oral traditions?

Examples of Oral TraditionBlowing out candles at birthday celebrations.Not wearing white to a wedding, unless you are the bride.Celebrating the bounty of the harvest at a festival.Babies wearing white at christenings.Rituals for new members of a fraternity or sorority.Taking a gift when invited to someone’s house for dinner.More items…

What is the meaning of oral?

adjective. uttered by the mouth; spoken: oral testimony. … of, relating to, or involving the mouth: the oral cavity. done, taken, or administered through the mouth: an oral dose of medicine.

What is the meaning of oral text?

oral text. A spoken, non written expression or message of a written work.

What is the difference between verbal and oral?

aural/ oral/ verbal Aural refers to the ear or hearing, and oral to the mouth or speaking. Something verbal is expressed in words, either spoken or written. … If it’s related to something spoken or to the mouth, it’s oral. And although verbal can mean spoken or written, oral can only mean spoken.

What is the scientific word for mouth?

Mouth, also called oral cavity or buccal cavity, in human anatomy, orifice through which food and air enter the body. The mouth opens to the outside at the lips and empties into the throat at the rear; its boundaries are defined by the lips, cheeks, hard and soft palates, and glottis.

What does oral directions mean?

Oral Instructions means instructions expressed in spoken words received by the Custodian. Where the Custodian provides recorded lines for this purpose, such instructions must be given using such lines.

What is the meaning of oral use only?

Oral administration is a route of administration where a substance is taken through the mouth. … Many medications are taken orally because they are intended to have a systemic effect, reaching different parts of the body via the bloodstream, for example.

How do you use the word band in a sentence?

Band sentence examplesA live band started playing a waltz and he dropped a hand to her waist. … The band struck up the newly introduced mazurka. … Maybe the band would help settle him down. … “I feel like I should’ve warned her about the arm band,” she said. … The band played “Fly Me to The Moon”.More items…

Where does the word oral come from?

Origin of oral From New Latin oralis (“of the mouth” ), from Latin os (“the mouth” ).

What is another word for oral?

What is another word for oral?vivaoral examinationviva voceoral examtestquizassessmentpaperpracticalexam7 more rows