Quick Answer: What Is My Jio OTP?

What is Jio enhanced messaging OTP?

Jio OTP messages are coming for RCS(Rich Communication Services) under which a receiver can see the shared messages, images and location on his incoming calling screen and can have more information of the calling party..

How do I get Jio user ID and password?

How to Get Jio ID and PasswordTap on ‘Sign Up’Enter your Jio Number or Jio Customer ID.Tap on ‘Generate OTP’. … Enter OTP, the email ID that you would like to set up as your Jio ID and set your password and tap on ‘Activate’You will receive a verification link on your selected email ID.More items…•

How can I find my Jio password without Jio SIM?

Method 1. Using an Older JioPlay App (Needs Jio ID & Password) Now open MyJio App and open MyJio (manage your account). Here click on sign-in and enter the Jio number and Jio password (Ask any of your friends or relatives using Jio SIM for their number and password).

What is alternate mobile number?

About alternative numbers An alternative number can also be a virtual extension. A virtual extension is a number that isn’t a real phone number but can be mapped to a real phone number. … You can have up to 10 alternative numbers assigned to your phone.

Why I am not getting any OTP?

If you have not received the OTP on your mobile number, the same can be pulled by sending an SMS IBOTP to 5676766 or 9215676766. You may also call our Customer Care from your registered mobile number to get the OTP. To know the local Customer Care numbers, please click here.

How do I find my Jio OTP number?

OTP will be sent to your Registered Mobile Number that you have mentioned in the application form. If you don’t know the number or have forgotten the number, please go to My Jio app to change it.

How do I change my Jio OTP number?

In the account settings page, click on the “Alternate Contact Work” or “Alternate Contact Home”, which ever applicable in your case to be changed. Now enter the new number to be changed in the second box and click on “Submit” button.

What is the My OTP number?

OTP is a “One-Time Password” which is randomly generated and sent to your registered mobile number and registered email address for validation of your transaction. This is to provide an enhanced level of security on card transactions.

How do I know my Jio customer ID?

You can sign up for your Jio ID using both the MyJio app and on the Jio website (www.jio.com). Alternatively, you can also use the Jio ID signup link mentioned in the welcome SMS you have received on your mobile number.”

How can I activate Jio SIM without porting OTP?

Please call 1977 from your Jio SIM to complete the tele-verification process. If you wish to activate only Data services, dial 1800-890-1977 from any number. You can tele-verify your number using one of the following options: Enter 5 Digit PIN received on your alternate number OR.

Can I choose my mobile number in Jio?

Now you can get number of your choice at JIO. Currently we can choose normal number and vanity numbers will be available later. They provide blank blue color sim cards for this.

What is the use of OTP in Jio SIM?

Input your Jio SIM number and click on ‘generate OTP (one time password)’, which will be sent on your registered mobile number. 4. Enter the OTP and the email id which you would like to use as your Jio id.

Why am I not getting OTP from Jio?

Usually the sms like OTP from various apps are blocked on any network by the DnD service, i.e. Do Not Disturb service. Most probable chance is that DND is active on your number. … But if you are not receiving any messages on JIO, you can change your Short Message Service Center (SMSC) number for JIO to 1234.