Quick Answer: Do You Have A Minute Meaning?

Can I have a minute meaning?

: have a short period of time available (for something) Do you have a minute/moment/second?.

When you get a minute meaning?

and when you get a chance a phrase introducing a request, especially to talk to someone. .

What does have a moment mean?

Definition of ‘be having a moment’ If something or someone is having a moment, they are successful or popular at the present time. [informal]

Can I have your 5 minutes?

Can I Have 5 Minutes Of Your Time? is a 2009 non fiction by American author Hal Becker. It explores sales from Xerox’s former #1 salesperson in the USA. … took Becker over three years to complete and was rejected by 35 publishers. It was originally published by Oakhill and is now with Morgan James Publishers.