Question: Why Does My Samsung Keep Saying Moisture Detected?

How do I get rid of moisture warning on s9?

Step 2To fix the issue:Use compressed air (gently) to blow into the connector to remove liquid or loose debris.

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Let it dry: leave the connector alone for 6hrs so it can dry out before charging.

If charging is needed urgently, use wireless charging (S9+)More items….

How do I get rid of Samsung moisture warning?

Let the charger be plugged in the phone….22 AnswersBuy a wireless charger and get enough charge on it to atleast be able to get into settings (2-3% would be enough)GO into settings and into battery usage.Scroll down to ‘Recent Battery Usage’ and find the app ‘Android System’Tap on that and then tap on ‘Force Stop’.

How long does it take for moisture to dry in USB port?

24 hoursLet the device air dry for at least 24 hours before turning it on again or plugging it into power, or else further damage may occur. If no moisture is seen or suspected: First, plug in your phone into the charger, at which point you should still receive the error.

Why does my phone keep saying there is moisture detected?

Samsung has built this moisture-detecting feature into its phones for several years in a bid to protect your handset from corrosive damage caused by plugging your charger into the damp charging port. The alarm is triggered by attempting to plug in the charger, so it’s best to avoid doing so until the port has dried.

Why is my Samsung saying there is moisture detected?

By design, “Moisture detected” error is supposed to show when the phone’s charging port is wet. So, if you recently used the phone in wet or humid environment, the error is just a normal reaction from the device. … If you try to connect a charging cable to a wet port, there will be an alarm telling you to disconnect.

Will the moisture notification go away?

It’ll clear out after it dries. Using a hair dryer on low can speed up the drying. if that doesn’t work then plug it in and restart it. it’s as common problem, that’s how mine was fixed.

Why does my Samsung s8 keep saying moisture detected?

Software Issue: This issue was observed on some devices only after an Android update was installed on their device. It is possible that the update contained a bug which caused the moisture sensors to glitch out and stopped them from working efficiently.