Question: What Word Class Is Sweet?

What is adjective of sweet?


/swit/ (sweeter, sweetest) food/drink.

containing, or tasting as if it contains, a lot of sugar He likes his coffee sweet..

What is the difference between sweet and sweetly?

The difference between Sweet and Sweetly. When used as adverbs, sweet means in a sweet manner, whereas sweetly means in a sweet or pleasant manner. Sweet is also noun with the meaning: the basic taste sensation induced by sugar.

Is Sweet an adjective or noun?

sweet (adjective) sweet (noun) sweet–and–sour (adjective) sweet–talk (verb)

What is the adverb form of sweet?

adverb. /ˈswitli/ 1in a pleasant way She smiled sweetly at him. in a way that smells sweet a sweetly scented flower The air smelled sweetly of fruit.

What is the meaning of sweet sweet?

Having a pleasant taste, especially one relating to the basic taste sensation induced by sugar.. Having a taste of sugar.. Containing a sweetening ingredient.. sweet synonyms: bonbon, candy, confection, confectionery, lolly.

What type of word is sweet?

Sweet can be an adjective or a noun. It can describe something pleasing to the senses, like a sweet song, or when you’re playing basketball and get nothing but net. Sweet! As a noun, it’s a confection, a little something for dessert.

What does sweet mean in slang?

So it’s to mean it is good or nice, but most of the time when someone explains that something is “sweet,” it’s generally something like a new car or a new house or something that’s really cool.

What is a sweet person?

A sweet person also can be define as polite type of person like good manners which always take every word other people said as advice not sarcasm . They also can be the generous kind of person. Like not afraid to share something that people don’t have like food,money and etc. A sweet person can be various personality.

How do you use the word sweet?

Sweet sentence examplesIt had a sweet smell. … That sweet chocolate gaze softened and a smile touched the corners of his mouth. … The place was quiet and secluded, and Sarah would be a sweet person to work for. … It was far too sweet and had a bitter aftertaste.More items…

Is Sweet a common noun?

Generally, no. There was a glam rock band in the 1970s called “The Sweet”, so in that case it would be a proper noun. Contrary to answers saying “it’s not a noun, it’s an adjective” it can be a perfectly respectable common noun, though.

What is the verb of new?

The past tense of new is newed. The third-person singular simple present indicative form of new is news. The present participle of new is newing. The past participle of new is newed. Find more words!

Is Sweet an adjective or adverb?

Here sweet is an adjective that modifies the noun apple. Using the adverb sweetly here would not make sense, because it would mean that the apple can smell things in a sweet manner. Your dog smells carefully. Here carefully is an adverb that modifies the verb smells.

What is the prefix for sweet?

prefix with sweetRANKANSWERPrefix with sweetSEMI20 with sweet cicely, 7 with an Israelite and 17 on the weekend, did you say ___ all in this? (5,6)39 more rows

Is Sweet a verb or adverb?

Sweet – an adjective which modifies the word mango. ‘Very’ is modifying the word ‘sweet’ (adjective) and thereby is an adverb.

What is another word for sweet person?

What is another word for sweet-natured?likeableUKlikableUSagreeableamiablegenialwinsomeaffablecharismaticcongenialeasygoing166 more rows