Question: What Is A Jippo?

What does gipo mean?

Graphical Interface for Planning with ObjectsGIPOAcronymDefinitionGIPOGraphical Interface for Planning with Objects.

What does chachis mean?

Chachi is colloquial and is used often as an adjective or adverb meaning great, cool, brill or wonderful . It’s informal but also kid-friendly and definitely not as edgy as using the word ‘chulo’.

What does Gringe mean?

New Word Suggestion. A psycho-sexual event which propels one backwards to the most agonising moments of childhood fear and shame.

What is the difference between Chico and muchacho?

Chico refers more to a little kid since it also means “small”. A muchacho is a kid or a young person, so you can use it when talking about kids or about the young lady that helped you at the store.

What does a Jippo mean?

waistcoat or kind of stays for womenJippo(noun) a waistcoat or kind of stays for women.

What does Dala mean?

to bring into existenceIntroduction. The Xhosa word ‘dala’, when translated into English means ‘to bring into existence’ or to create. It has also become a South African slang word for “making a plan”, “getting it done” or “doing it your way” which is very apt for what we do here at Dala, and what we encourage artists and crafters to do too.

What is Chachi a nickname for?

Origin: American. Meaning: Nickname For Charles. #FictionalCharacterName. The name Chachi means Nickname For Charles and is of American origin. Chachi is a name that’s been used primarily by parents who are considering baby names for boys.

What is a Gringe fringe?

‘Gringe’ stands for ‘grown out fringe’. Features: Cut in the frayed look and reaching at least to the eyebrows. Everything fits the (trend) framework this season with the grown out fringe. We are not the only ones who have taken a fancy to the overlength fringe – so have the world’s most stylish women!

What does Mos mean in English?

Military Occupational SpecialtyDefinition. MOS. Months. MOS. Military Occupational Specialty (US Army)

How do you say Chulo?

noun, plural chu·los [choo-laws; English choo-lohz]. Spanish. a dandified or effeminate man.

What is an act of cringing?

to draw back, bend, crouch, etc., as when afraid; shrink from something dangerous or painful. 2. to act in a timid, servile manner; fawn. 3. the act of cringing.

What Does grunge mean?

1 : one that is grungy. 2 : rock music incorporating elements of punk rock and heavy metal also : the untidy fashions typical of fans of grunge.

Is Moer a swear word?

moer – to assault (from Afrikaans ‘moor’ – to murder) (rude, often considered profanity as is Poes or doos). Also an animal’s womb, used in the phrase Gaan vlieg in jou moer! as in screw off! (literally “Go fly in your mother!”)

What does NAAI mean slang?

naai – “sex” (Western Cape) Also used as a noun “Jou ou naai” (literally “You screw”) and used in the plural: “naaie” (literally more than one “screw”), meaning an undesirable person rather than the sexual act.

What does Hosh mean in gangster?

Hosh means “Hello”; also used before combat. Example in combat: Hosh, jy raak wys (“Hello, show me what you made of”). This gang-related word occurs inside as well as outside of prison: use at own discretion. in South African Slang.