Question: Is SurveyMonkey Really Free?

Can Google Forms track you?

You can share the link to your form anywhere on the web or email it out directly from Google Forms, but you can’t track who responds or include any additional data..

Can I cancel SurveyMonkey after 1 month?

If you decide you don’t want to keep your paid plan active after your next billing date, you can cancel auto-renew. … Monthly plans only include 1,000 survey responses per month, and additional responses cost extra. Audience Credits. Audience Credits let you pay for your SurveyMonkey Audience responses in advance.

How do I create a free survey monkey account?

SurveyMonkey makes it easy to create a survey from scratch or from a template….Create a Survey. To create a new survey, click Create Survey in the upper-right corner of your account and choose one of the following options: … Add Questions & Pages. … Apply Logic. … Customize the Design. … Preview & Send Your Survey.

Is Google forms better than SurveyMonkey?

If you want a completely free option, Google Forms is a terrific choice. SurveyMonkey has both free and paid plans. The good news is that for simple surveys of 10 questions with 100 responses, the free Basic plan is ideal. … The Standard plan gives you unlimited surveys and questions with 1,000 responses.

Do you have to pay for Google survey?

Google Consumer Surveys is based on price per completed response. For a single question to the general population, it’s $0.10 per complete. Then the price ranges from $1.10 – $3.50 per complete for 2 – 10 questions at a time. If you add on screening questions, it’s a custom price, starting at $3.00 per complete.

Does SurveyMonkey cost money?

How much does SurveyMonkey cost? The Basic plan is FREE. The Standard Monthly plan costs $99 a month. The Advantage plan costs $32 a month, billed annually.

Can you share a SurveyMonkey survey for free?

With a Basic (free) plan, you can create and send a survey with up to 10 questions or elements (including question types, descriptive text, or images). If you need to upgrade to use a feature, you’ll see a notification in your account.

Can you export SurveyMonkey to Word?

Go to the Analyze Results section of your survey. Click Save As at the top of the page. Click Export file. Select an export type: All summary data, All responses data, or All individual responses.

Is survey junkie safe to use?

After testing out Survey Junkie, I can confirm that the online survey site is 100% legit and not a scam. But I also don’t think this is a way for you to make more than a few dollars a day. I’ve had a lot more success with MTurk, which offers a variety of other ways to make money besides just completing surveys.

Is SurveyMonkey legit?

To be clear, SurveyMonkey is a real company based out of San Mateo, California. I’m going to go on the record and saying that SurveyMonkey is 100% legit… but reading through literally hundreds of reviews and complaints, it’s clear there are some issues here. … SurveyMonkey is not a small company.

How do I export data from Survey Monkey without paying?

To export your survey results:Go to the Analyze Results section of your survey.Click Save As at the top of the page.Click Export file.Select an export type: All Summary Data or All Responses Data.Choose XLS, select your export options, and click Export.More items…

What is better than SurveyMonkey?

Zoho Survey is a decent SurveyMonkey alternative. The customization option has many fans and the pricing plans are friendly. What makes it a good alternative: With more features than Google Form and easier to use than SurveyMonkey, Zoho surveys strike a desirable balance.

Does Google forms have a limit?

Forms do not have a limit as such, the data is held in a Google Sheet with 5 million line capacity. Your idea to give each person a form is the most efficient way to reach them. … There are no published limits for the number of form responses.

Does SurveyMonkey give results?

Viewing Survey Responses Viewing Question Summaries, the default Analyze view, gives you quick insight into the overall results of your survey. For close-ended questions, dynamic charts are generated automatically for visual analysis.