Question: How Do I Remove A Resource Pack From PUBG?

How do I send PUBG maps?

*First, transfer the PUBG Mobile APK file from your friend’s device using one of the file-sharing apps.

*The sender then needs to stay within the app and go to Files > Android > obb (folder).

In this folder, your friend will need to enter the “com.


How can I delete my banned PUBG account?

The only way to remove the ban from your PUBG Mobile account is by appealing to the Customer Service Team. Here are the steps to unban your PUBG Mobile account: Login to your Gmail account or any other mail service. Compose a new mail and type ‘’ in the sender address.

How do you delete a resource pack on PUBG?

How to delete the resources packs? Log out and repair. Also Don’t spend much time in inventory or shop because they will get downloaded by themself. Before deleted resources pack my PUBG uses 4.12 GB.

How do I delete PUBG mobile files?

To recap, here’s how to delete your PUBG Mobile account;Launch PUBG Mobile.Log in.Head to “Settings”Tap “Delete Account” at the bottom of the screen.Don’t log in for seven days.

How do I delete all PUBG files?

Go to Play Store & search for PUBG & You will see Open/Uninstall option. Click Uninstall. or.You just need to tap and hold the PUBG icon until it shows you the app options, Then click on Uninstall Option.

What is excitement resource pack in PUBG?

The thumbnails of less common clothes, costumes ,skins are the resource packs. Pubg has seperated them in their updates so as to reduce the game’s size. For viewing certain outfits you need to tap on the thumbnail and download it individually.

How do I backup my PUBG phone?

Go to your internal storage of device—> then go to Android file ——-> then go to obb file—> then in obb search for” com. tencent. ig ” —> Copy this file and paste it somewhere else in your storage—-> After this u can send the file and app to another phone via any sharing app.

What happens if you uninstall PUBG?

What happens if my PUBG Mobile is deleted? … even if you will delete the PUBG from your mobile device the game’s data will be stored in the account from which you signed in for playing the game. When you reinstall and open the game just simply click on the social media platform you used to log in and play the game.

Can you delete PUBG account?

Log in to your Twitter account in any browser and visit Scroll down and navigate to account>> Apps and Sessions >> PUBG Mobile. Click on ‘Revoke Access’ button to delete PUBG Mobile account.