How Do You Qualify For QTS?

How long does it take to get QTS certificate?

4 monthsApply for QTS .

It may take up to 4 months to process your application.

If you’re successful, you’ll be awarded QTS , or partial QTS .

You won’t need further training and will be exempt from having to serve a statutory induction period..

How long is QTS valid for?

one yearOnce you have gained QTS, you will become a Newly Qualified Teacher, and your training will continue for one year (also known as the probationary period).

How much do teachers earn UK?

Qualified teacher salary These ranges, from the main rate to the highest upper rate, differ between countries across the UK: England (excluding London) and Wales – £24,373 to £40,490. London – £25,543 to £41,635 (fringes), £28,355 to £44,541 (outer), £30,480 to £49,571 (inner) Scotland – £27,438 to £36,480.

Can I teach abroad with QTS?

QTS is the accepted standard to work as a teacher in England– fortunately though the qualification can still take you overseas: … Our iPGCE is a recognised level 7 postgraduate academic qualification that could give you the opportunity to teach in a wider range of international schools.

How long does a PGCE take?

The PGCE is a mix of university study and teaching practice. The course takes a year, or two years part time. It’s not designed to teach you subject knowledge – you have to have an undergraduate degree that’s relevant to the subject you want to teach.

How do I check my QTS status?

Teacher reference number If your number is “68/12345” just enter “6812345”. If you don’t know what your teacher reference number is, this can usually be found on your payslip or teachers’ pension documentation; alternatively, please contact the DfE on or 0207 593 5394.

What is a QTS certificate?

Qualified teacher status (QTS or QTLS) is required in England and Wales to work as a teacher of children in state schools under local authority control, and in special education schools. A similar status exists under a different name in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Is QTS or PGCE better?

QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) means that you have met the statutory requirements (The Teachers’ Standards 2012) for teaching in the UK. … A PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate of Education) is an additional academic qualification which includes QTS. Some PGCE courses count as part of a Masters in Education course.

Can you be a teacher without QTS?

Can I become a teacher without a degree? You need qualified teacher status (QTS) to teach in most state schools. You must have an undergraduate degree or equivalent qualification to obtain QTS. … Some state schools – academies and free schools – are also allowed to take on teaching staff who do not have QTS.

Do all PGCE courses lead to QTS?

No – you only need QTS, which you achieve on successfully completing all postgraduate teacher training courses. The PGCE is an additional qualification you can gain alongside QTS.

How long does teacher training take UK?

Becoming a qualified teacher To teach in England and Wales you need to gain QTS. You will obtain this on an ITT programme, which could be school or university-based and takes approximately one year to complete.

What happens if you fail QTS?

Once QTS has been awarded, the teacher becomes an NQT and is required to begin the induction period. Until they have successfully completed this they remain an NQT. If they fail their induction, they are barred from working as a qualified teacher, although their QTS award is not removed.

Does QTS status expire?

I’ve finished my training year and I’ve been awarded qualified teacher status (QTS). … You don’t have to do your NQT straight after your training year. In fact, there is no time limit on it at all.

What level is QTS?

QTS means you have qualified teacher status- this means that you are qualified to teach in any school in England. A PGCE is a post- graduate certificate in education. This means you have a Masters level certificate in the study of education. You can have QTS without a PGCE which will allow you to teach.

Can I teach in the UK without QTS?

You can teach in independent schools, academies, and free schools in England without QTS, but it’s a definite advantage to have it. If you are working as an unqualified teacher, you could achieve QTS via the Assessment Only route.

What is the difference between QTS and QTLS?

QTLS is equivalent to QTS. Should an individual want to teach in maintained schools, the same way as any other teacher, then they must hold QTLS, currently be, and remain a member of the Society for Education & Training (SET).

Can you put QTS after your name?

QTS is a professional status and not a qualification so there are no post nomials for teaching.

How can I get QTS without a degree?

Teaching without a degree A degree of a 2:2 or above, qualified teacher status (QTS) and relevant school experience are required to teach in state schools in the UK. Some schools, such as private schools and academies, are able to recruit teachers without a degree but it’s then difficult to progress or move schools.

How can I become a teacher in UK from India?

To teach in the UK, you must:Be legally entitled to work in the UK – have a valid UK visa. … Be a fully qualified teacher (Bachelor degree, Diploma of Education or Higher Diploma in Education) from a recognised training institution. … Have a valid passport.More items…

How much does a primary school teacher earn UK?

How much does a Primary School Teacher earn? The average primary school teacher salary is £27,597 within the UK. New entrants to the teaching profession can expect to earn at least £22,000 (or £28,000 in London). A primary school teacher salary may rise when taking on new responsibility such as Head of Year.

How do I get a qualified teacher status UK?

There are a number of recognised routes to gain Qualified Teacher Status, amongst them the most common are:School Direct training on the job.higher education institution based or distance learning courses.Most Post Graduate Certificate of Education (PGCE) will also give QTS but not all, so do check.More items…