How Do You Get The GREY Box On Your Phone?

How do I get rid of the GREY box on my iPhone messages?

Go to Settings -> Messages and tap the green switch to the right of iMessage to turn iMessage off.

You can’t send audio messages when iMessage is off, so the gray box should disappear..

Why is there a box around everything on my Iphone?

You have an accessibility feature turned on, likely VoiceOver. Triple click the Home button and then go to Settings>General>Accessibility and turn them off. Use three fingers to scroll.

How do I get rid of the black box on my screen?

The black box is intended to contain closed captioning text, which can appear blank on certain channels….Black box on screen issueIn your TV menu, go to Language/Accessibility option.Look for Closed Captioning/Picture-in-Picture.Once you found it, disable the function.

Can Disney Circle See search history?

These types of searches are encrypted from end-to-end so Circle isn’t able to see this type of content. Social media sites like Facebook or Instagram encrypt in the same way. Circle can see the domain that is being accessed, but can’t tell what is being searched for there.

How do I get rid of the black box on my iPhone?

Step 1: Tap the Settings icon once to select it, then double-tap it to open the menu.Open the Settings menu. Step 2: Tap the General button once to select it, then double-tap it to open the menu.Open the General menu. … Open the Accessibility menu. … Select the VoiceOver option. … Turn off the VoiceOver setting.

Why is add to home screen not an option?

It is a GOOGLE CHROME ISSUE. With some sites, Chrome will install as an actual app. So you might want to look in your app list and not on the homescreen. … So Chrome and other browsers will not show the Add to Homescreen option.

Can circle control cellular data?

After setup, Circle manages your mobile devices using a VPN. It can limit a device from connecting to the Internet using a Pause, Off Time, Bedtime, etc., but Circle cannot shut off your mobile device’s data completely.

How do I get rid of the circle arrow on my iPhone?

Answer: A: Tap on the center of the circle and then on “Hide Controller”. You probably inadvertently clicked on that option while the Zoom window was open. You can turn off Zoom altogether if you wish by going to Settings>General>Accessibility>Zoom = Off.

How do I get the GREY box on my iPhone?

How to Add Touchscreen Home Button on iPhone, iPadOpen Settings.Go to General > Accessibility.Scroll down to the section labeled INTERACTION and tap on AssistiveTouch.On the next screen, toggle AssistiveTouch to the green On position.A white circle with a grey box will appear on screen. Tap this circle to expand it to a big box on screen.

How do I get rid of the little square on my iPhone?

Tap the “Settings” icon in the home screen on the iPhone to open the Settings menu.Tap the “General” tab and then tap “Accessibility” in the General options. The Accessibility Settings menu displays.Tap the “Assistive Touch” option. … Slide the slider from “On” to “Off” to disable the Assistive Touch feature.

Where is my add to home screen button?

AndroidLaunch “Chrome” app.Open the website or web page you want to pin to your home screen.Tap the menu icon (3 dots in upper right-hand corner) and tap Add to homescreen.You’ll be able to enter a name for the shortcut and then Chrome will add it to your home screen.

How do I get rid of the circle on my screen?

Removing Circle Go from your Android device Find Settings and open it. In Settings, go to Security >> Device administrators. In the Device administrators screen, uncheck the MyCircle box. This will disable the Circle Go management of your Android device being enforced by the MyCircle app.

How do I get rid of the white circle on my iPhone?

Answer: A: Go to settings, general, accessibilty, assistive touch, turn off.

What is the GREY circle on my iPhone screen?

It appears you have the Accessibility software Home button activated. This appears automatically if you are using any accessibility settings, like a Bluetooth foot pedal controller, to control your iPad. Many thanks.

How do I get Add to Home screen pop up on site open in mobile browser?

To show the add to home screen dialog, call prompt() on the saved event from within a user gesture. Chrome will show the modal dialog, prompting the user to add your app to their home screen.